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My CareerConnect account is not working


If your course is due to end / has ended recently, continue to use the 'Student sign in' option up until the point where you receive a 'permission denied' error message after entering your details.

At this point you'll be able to register a new password for your account using the 'Graduate sign in' option as explained below. (You cannot apply for a graduate account while your student account is active.) There are 2 options below:

  1. Active your graduate account by selecting forgot password on the graduate registration page and following the instructions (when using forgotten password to activate your account please use the email that you receive correspondence from us on to do this).
  2. If you find this does not work please register for a Graduate account, making sure to include your Student/Alumni ID. Simply click the 'graduate sign in' button and fill in the short registration form. You will need a non-student email address and your Student/Alumni ID number.

Your Alumni and Student ID is the same number. If you don’t have your Student/Alumni ID card, check emails from Development and Alumni Relations as your Alumni ID is recorded there. If you are unable to locate your Alumni/Student ID please request it here

For student account issues or if you have left your course without completing please see: